Cheers to Kid Acne

Before he comes in October for his solo show at INOPERAbLE, we decided to invite Kid Acne to do some shutters. It was abit difficult as he was here during the week so each shutter was painted after 11 when the restaurant closed. But in the end it was worth it and we can certainly all cheers to that! Kid Acne also managed to sneak up a few smaller stabby women in and around the market. See if you can find them all!



Ben Eine drops his signature letters

No project involving roll down shutters would be complete without Eine. For years he has made a name for himself with his signature letters painted on shutters around the world, but he is mainly known for painting countless shutters in the hippest neighborhoods of London. We were very happy that Eine found time in his schedule to come to Vienna for a few days and paint 3 shutters in the Shutterland project. But of course that wasn’t enough so we got him a bunch of other things to paint as well. Check it out on the INOP page  Read the rest of this entry »

Broken Fingaz in the Israeli heat

The boys from Haifa were in town for their exhibition with us at INOPERAbLE. After the opening night, the weekend brought along an extreme heat wave, with temperatures reaching record levels. Despite the temptation to just go off to the river for a swim, Broken Fingaz instead left an amazing production together. Squeezing all 4 members onto two panels wasn’t easy but they managed to pull it off and make it work extremely well with the different styles flowing together effortlessly. Read the rest of this entry »

Jana & Js bring along the french television

The French/Austria duo (soon to be trio) came by today to paint a wall for Shutterland. Along with them they brought the TV5 show “Streetosphere.” The French channel is here documenting the scene in Vienna. We were happy to be able to present our project Shutterland and after INOPERAbLE, we’ll see what makes it into the final cut… Jana & Js painted a beautiful stencil in their signature style, adding yet another element of the scene to the Naschmarkt. The spaces are getting filled up and the market is looking better than ever! Stay tuned for more!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Shida takes his turn

After setting up his show with us at INOPERAbLE, Shida got busy in the streets. First he did our rotating wall on Westbahnstrasse, then at an abandoned factory and now he takes his turn at Shutterland. This beautiful golden piece fits nicely at the Naschmarkt along side a few smaller works of his 😉

More pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Nychos shocks with a bit of dissection

International sensation Nychos takes time from his busy travel schedule to do a kickass dissection piece at Shutterland. Nychos has been getting alof of attention recently getting his work seen on almost every blog out there! His new crew “The Weird” have also been rockin some sick pieces in Vienna and in every other city they visit. Thanks again to Nuriel Molcho for the pics. More after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Shue Go(s) On to leave his mark

We are happy to announce that the highly impactful local artist Shue of the Lords crew also painted up a shutter for our ongoing project. Its nice to have abit of old skool flavor from a local legend. Most people dont know what influence Shue has had on the Vienna scene (dig deeper and you’ll figure it out), but what is widely known is he is the man behind the annual mag Go.On, which documents the graff and street art scene in Austria and beyond. Thanks to Nuriel Molcho for the pics. More after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Pure Evil vs the cold

Pure Evil had a quick stop over in Vienna recently for a one night show. The next day he braved the fierce weather to paint up a shutter. Luckily the people from the restaurant were nice enough to bring us some tea and coffee while we stood in the snow and freezing winds! Thanks Pure Evil for this quickie 😉 Read the rest of this entry »